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Our Favorite RV Gadgets Under $50

    It’s gift giving season! If you’re looking for a Christmas gift for an RVer, here are all our favorite RV gadgets sorted by price. Also, be sure to check out our favorite toys for RV Life.

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    RV Gift Guide: Favorite RV Gadgets Under $25

    RV Sound Machine – USB charging

    Mini Dustpan

    RV Ice Cube Trays – We like how fast these small cubes freeze

    Marshmallow Roasting Sticks

    GoPro Truck Mount

    Folding Saw – For cutting small branches when we’re allowed to collect firewood


    Long Handled Mop – For cleaning the RV

    Small “Hello” RV Door Mat – For wiping your feet

    RV Water Meter – To track how much we’re putting in the RV fresh tank

    Blow Out Plug – For RV Winterizing

    Propane Gauge – Because running out of propane unexpectedly is the worst

    RV Adapters – You’ll need a whole collection of these depending on your rig. 50 to 30 adapter is what we use the most.

    RV Wheel Chocks

    RV Bathroom Dimmer Switch – So we can get ready for bed without shining too much light next to our kids’ beds.

    RV Hitch Lock and RV Lock Pin

    Magnetic Phone Car Mount

    Tablet Holder – Attaches to the front seat headrest so the boys can watch shows in the truck.

    Tacoma Grille Emblem

    Truck Bed Interior Light Bar

    Metal Camping Mugs

    Solar String Lights

    US Sticker Travel Map

    RV Gift Guide: Favorite RV Gadgets Under $50

    8 Inch USB Fans – This is one of my must-have boondocking items! We have two!

    Unbreakable RV Plates & Dinnerware

    Camping Stool Set – Great for a foot stool, seating for friends, or for carrying on hikes

    Leather Bag – To keep firewood dry

    RV Leveling Blocks – We use these flat ones the most, rolling either the left or right trailer tires over a row of blocks.

    RV Walkie Talkies – For backing into campsites

    RV Water Filter

    RV Water Pressure Regulator – To keep water pressure from being too high when we have hookups

    6 Pack of RV Towels – Turkish towels dry so quickly! They also make nice picnic blankets or beach wraps.

    RV Runner Rug – For the kitchen or hallway

    GoPro Chest Mount

    Collapsible Sink for Camping – We use these for washing kids’ dirty feet before coming inside, setting inside our RV sink when doing dishes if we’re low on water, or for handwashing some laundry.

    Solar Lantern and Phone Charger

    Air Compressor – For re-inflating tires when off-roading, cleaning dusty boots, or inflating bike tires, pool floaties, and air bags for towing. We added a built-in air compressor in our truck, but this portable air compressor would also be a great choice.

    RV Sewer Support – Maybe not a fun RV gadget, but sometimes you really need it.

    Camping Hammock

    Tiered Macrame Fruit Basket

    Folding Outdoor Table – We’ve been camping with a regular 5 foot craft table, so this would be a fantastic upgrade!

    Cast Iron Skillet

    Electric Space Heater – To save on propane when winter camping

    RV Gift Guide: Favorite RV Gadgets Under $100

    Large Outdoor Camping Rug

    Ryan’s Camping Chair

    My Camping Chair – With extra back support

    3 Inch Queen Memory Foam Mattress Topper

    Folding Twin Camping Mattress – Great for tent or truck camping with the kids and easy to move around since it folds up.

    Traction Mat Set

    RV Gift Guide: Favorite RV Gadgets Over $100

    Coleman Instant Set Up Screened Tent

    Double Camping Chair – A camping loveseat!

    Inflatable Paddleboards

    Small Drone

    Folding Electric Bikes

    RV Gift Guide: RV Stocking Stuffers

    Camping Utensil Set

    Campfire Starter Rod

    Full Silicone Spatulas

    Electric Lighter – USB rechargable, so I’ll never have to buy a camping lighter again!

    True Lime Packets or Instant Sweet Tea – Most of the time, the water we get tastes fine, but certain areas of the country have water that is perfectly clean and safe to drink, but not appetizing.

    US State Travel Postcards

    GoPro Mount for Paddleboards

    Mini GoPro Tripod

    Roll of Quarters for Laundry

    Wool Hiking Socks

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